Our suppliers

Our suppliers

Quality produce and quality of care for the product are at the heart of our produce ethos at The Miller. Here we introduce some of our most loyal and most exciting suppliers who deliver meat, game, fish, fruit & veg, dairy, dry goods, toiletries, wine and soft drinks to our door.

Kingfisher, Goring on Thames

GG Wildlife Experience

Steve Gozdz moved to the Chilterns in 2020 and brought his passion for wildlife and keen spotter’s eye with him. His wildlife walks and photography experiences are one of a kind. Guests of The Miller enjoy a discounted rate too. Find out more

Flying Fish Seafood

Nick has been using them for 10+ years because their systems are based around getting the product to the chef in the best condition. The longevity of the relationship creates an understanding of needs and the produce we like to work with. 

Enotria & Co

Pierre has assisted Mary from the early days. Enotria supplies many of our wine tasting evenings, which Pierre helps to host. They also stock a vast selection of gins from across the world!

Goring Village Butchers

On our doorstep, providing award winning produce, we could ask for a more local or more friendly supplier to work with.


Wessex Mill

True to the story of the Miller himself, milling, flour and bread production has always been inherent to our offering. Wessex Mill has supplied us from the start. A multi-generation, local family business we use a handful of their flours and get a Miller’s mix muesli for our breakfast table. 

Walter Rose & Son

Since we opened in 2014 Walter Rose & Son has been provided us with all sorts of brilliant products. All about quality over quantity, we know we can rely on them for almost anything.

Chris Bowen Ceramics

We’ve worked with ceramist Chris for years. Give him an idea and he can create anything. We’ve had bespoke saucers, macaron plates, butter dishes and more. No two items are ever the same.


Bee Bowman

A fantastic local photographer and mum of two at one of the local schools, Bee provides us with wonderful artwork and cards that capture the local area beautifully. 

Laceys Farm

This small family farm near Beaconsfield has a herd of Guernsey cows. We source cream from them to produce our home-churned butter. Delivered on Thursdays, it’s butter by Friday!

Welch & Co

Always there when we need them, Paul and the team are based a few miles away in South Moreton. They understand what we’re trying to achieve with our wine list and present an eclectic range of vintages for us to try.

Woods Food Service

Nick has worked with the team since his days at The Crown, Bray. They supply dry goods and some dairy to us three times a week. The quality of their produce and customer service is impeccable and they’re great at introducing new products to us too.

Beechwood Farm Eggs

A family run business 6 miles away in Hampstead Norreys that Nick has known since his head chef-ship at The Royal Oak, Yattendon. Supplying hen eggs and occasionally duck eggs too, we take 1000+ eggs/week for mayonnaise, meringues, breakfast and more.

Matthew Clark

We have worked with Matthew Clark from day one. Antonio has a good understanding of our product and has helped develop our spirit and soft drink range too. 

Vicars Game

Just 3 miles away in Ashampstead, we have a specialist game supplier on our doorstep. They have grown to be a much large commercial butchery and stock everything we might need. 

Wiltshire Truffles

Zak’s work with a somewhat secret farm in Wiltshire has developed as a stunning source of black truffle. He and his truffle dog, Stan, hunt them when the English season is on and he supplies top black and white truffles from Europe when in season there.

Thatcham Village butchers

New to the supplier fold in 2018 this Newbury based business has a Himalayan salt chamber aging room, which does amazing things to the beef. After a few months of testing, we’re now taking delivery of 35-day aged sirloins oozing amazing flavour. 

Pangbourne Cheese Shop

New for 2018 we’re working with the lovely team just down the road in Pangbourne. We’re hoping that with their help we’ll be able to offer a cheese trolley for guests with a greater and more diverse selection of cheeses from the UK and Europe.

La Chasse

A supplier of dry and fine foods we source some of our more unique products from them. Example products we take from them include an English Burrata and English Brown Cow organic yoghurt, which we use on the breakfast table.

Jane Fletcher

A Goring based artist with a quirky style. She worked with us directly to create some bespoke artwork to suit our tastes and that was aligned to our business. Fabulous original ideas!

Cold Pressed Oil Co

Charlie Gardner owns and operates our supplier of Rapeseed Oil from Hampshire. From time to time we also take a supply of their white truffle infused rapeseed oil.

Ren Cosmetics

Mary’s worked with Ren for years and years loving their use of skin-friendly, plant based products and recyclable packaging. They provide bedroom miniatures to take home as well as hand basin and bathroom products.

Sarah Rushbrooke

From her pottery studio in Goring, Sarah helped us get exactly the right colours, sizes, styles and uniqueness into our crockery. She even arranged for a special stamp to be shipped from the USA to create the Miller imprint.

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