sea troutSea trout (Crab Tortellini, Rainbow Radish, Avocado Mayonnaise & Crab Sauce)

Is sea trout the poor man’s salmon?

No! We’re using very high grade wild sea trout at the moment as supply is really good. Lighter pale orange flesh and low fat content. It would be the smart man’s choice as it would cost a little less than wild salmon and potentially be more readily available, in season.

Should we treat sea trout like salmon?


What’s the difference between rainbow trout and sea trout?

They’re both really easy to cook and very tasty to eat. The biggest difference is the size. You would eat a whole rainbow trout fillet or the whole fish. Sea trout you would cut a fillet piece similar to salmon. Personally I have never really liked rainbow trout, I don’t think there much there to work with. Whereas sea trout is the opposite, less oily and great flavour.

Why is so much British fish exported overseas?

The UK still has a busy fishing industry and yet so much of the fish from our waters is exported overseas. It’s a disgrace that some 65% of fish from our waters is exported to mainland Europe. However, there is also probably something to be said that we’ve never embraced fish sufficiently as a culture and population. The British diet is quite fussy, historically, and perhaps we’re not adventurous enough and other nationalities eat species we are scared of. Supermarkets also operate slightly differently in Europe and the fresh fish counters are usually brimming with different species.

Why do you think people are scared of cooking fish?

Is it lack of exposure/experience/something else? Probably a mixture of all the above. Also it’s difficult get great supply. Fish should not smell FISHY when its cooked! I hate this and it just goes to show how old the fish we buy in supermarkets is. As a protein source for us fish is really good – look at how healthy the Finnish people are and their diet. I think having the right equipment/pans/heat sources at home helps too, but a little bit of reading or watching tutorials online, and a bit of testing and you’ll crack it in no time.

Which are the fish you’d most recommend for ease of cooking at home?

Anything that’s not been farmed (if at all possible and affordable). For ease: a nice cod fillet portion baked in a 200C oven with lemon and butter for 4 minutes. Rest it for a minute. Eat. Yum.

Any quick tips for turning a bland fillet of cod into something lip-smackingly tasty?

Cod shouldn’t be bland, if it is, buy it somewhere else. If you’re confident, get it into a pan skin side down, with olive oil to start. Cook for 2-3 minutes med-high heat and then add butter, lemon juice, capers and dill. Turn the fish over and spoon the liquid over the cod for 1-2 minutes. Remove from the pan season with good salt and white pepper. Eat. Yum.