Kale, it is a superfood or just an alternative to cabbage? Another green vegetable that the kids turn their noses up at? Or a varied green that can be sweet and sometimes bitter? Whether you like or loathe kale, or haven’t yet given it any plate time, we pinned Nick down for his top tips and tricks for eating kale.

Kale: raw or cooked?

Cooked with lots of garlic butter

Steamed or boiled?

Steamed in oil, a lot of veg is lovely like this especially asparagus when in season.

On a plate or in a smoothie?

On a plate, because I’m a chef!

In a salad or with a steak?

I love fresh salad when I’m at home, so let’s choose that. Although it must have pickled onions and some sort of hard cheese – not everything I do is ‘cheffy’!

Superfood or every day food?

Everyday food. Not really sure what all the hype about superfoods is about – eat a varied and balanced diet, look after your ingredients when you prepare them to retain all their goodness.

Is it like cabbage or is it best removing that association so more people learn to love it and not overcook it?

It is a type of cabbage leaf. Cook it and love it, but don’t over cook it!