Yealands PGR 2016We kicked off our 2017 wine dinners with a focus on New Zealand and one of their best known vineyards Yealands. This family run wine estate produces delicious wines that break the mould of any New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc stereotypes. So successful was the wine dinner and so positive the feedback on the wines, we’ve rewarded everyone by making one of the vintages our wine of the month for February.

Yealands PGR is an aromatic blend of Pinot Gris (45%), Riesling (40%) and Gewurtztraminer (15%). The outcome is floral fruits on the nose – lychee and pear – and a citrusy finish on the palate with a hint of ginger zing. The dose of Gewürztraminer enables the wine to hold its own if your dish has a hint of spice or Asian twist.

This makes it a very interesting sipping wine or aperitif. It’s interesting on the palate; you’ll want to sip again to test yourself on what you think you can smell and taste. That said, it’s complexity and good fruit weight means it will stand up well to impactful food flavours. Whether drinking on its on or with food it has the ability to leave a sense of the mouthwatering. Either way, you’ll want to drink some more!

Harvested in April 2016 this is a young wine, but one that’s processed to drink now or to cellar up to a maximum of five years. The three varieties harvested for this vintage were picked over a two week period, the Riesling being the last to ripen to sufficient acidity.

Throughout February you can order Yealands PGR by the glass or by the bottle. Let us know what you think!