You know us. We like to do things ourselves and do them our way. Even when it comes to bar snacks. You won’t find bags of nuts behind the bar, you’ll find our home roasted nuts. But as of this week, you’ll find something new and not made or curated by Nick – shock horror! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised though. And your tastebuds will certainly be given a surprise when you open the kilner jar of savoury, flavoured popcorn!

Introducing Joe & Seph’s popcorn

This ain’t no ordinary popcorn. Forget Butterkist. Stop waiting for the kernels to pop in the pot or microwave. Head for the bar to get your pot of gourmet popcorn. Pushing bar snack perceptions to the wildest extremes, Joe & Seph’s do sweet and savoury popcorn that’ll punch your palate into touch.

Aside from the wacky flavours we’ve fallen once more for an artisan supplier doing things their way. Joe & Seph’s is a family business on a mission to create the best tasting popcorn. Not just here in the UK (they’re based in London), but in the world! Willie Wonka would be proud.

And there’s nothing Nick and I like more than a ground-up family business doing great stuff well. They’ve even got a partnership with Marmite to create the first ever Marmite popcorn – love it or hate it, obviously.

Popping bar snacks

From 40 popcorn flavours we’ve chosen three to test the water on our guests. Which will you try first?

*Caramel, madras, lime and black onion seed

* Goats cheese and black pepper

* Caramel, pepper and chilli

We blame twitter

As much as I’d like to say that we’ve been hunting for a bar snacks supplier for a while, we haven’t. Quite innocently I was perusing twitter the other day and I came across Joe & Seph’s. A twitter conversation later and they’d been in to see us with their samples. So there you have it: modern communications enabling our old fashioned door-to-door ethos.

Obviously, we want your feedback so let us know what you think.