Chapel Down Flint DryMove over sauvignon blanc, shift aside pinot grigio, may way for an English wine alternative. Meet Chapel Down Flint Dry.

Those dry yet fruity aromatic whites might be our ‘go to’ white wines but it’s all to easy to head for the old haunts when the going gets tough. Brighten up your wine blues with the crisp fruity freshness of Flint Dry from Chapel Down.

As one of England’s most acclaimed vineyards, Chapel Down is producing wines we love and we hope you will love them too. If you trust your nose to test the wine you’ll find a hint of a just bitten green apple and newly mown grass with a citrus zing. Dare to taste and you’ll find a touch of elderflower and nectarine.

This is a delightfully smooth wine that even Bridget Jones would swap her Pinot for (once the baby’s born, of course).