Nick's Signature Menu

We’re not trying to be high brow

Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re just passing through, we want our guests to be able to enjoy the maximum Miller of Mansfield food experience. You can certainly ascertain that from our a la carte menu. But if you’d like to see more of our creative and technical flair, Nick’s 9 course signature menu is for you.

Our menus change regularly. Sometimes weekly, sometimes daily, sometimes between lunch and dinner. Our menus are flexible for two reasons. We want to present the freshest seasonal ingredients and we want to be able to say yes when a known supplier offers us something unusual from their selection that we want to test in our kitchen.

What does that mean for Nick’s signature menu?

Nick’s signature menu probably changes most frequently of all. It’s Nick’s playing field for new ingredients and techniques. If there’s culinary creativity to be tasted, you’ll find it here first. The menu is also a means to share some of our most tried and tested, and most popular dishes. It is the signature of Nick’s and The Miller’s food ethos.

Book your signature menu

All we ask is that you tell us in advance if you’d like to take our 9 course menu. We ask for just 24 hours notice, so that we can have time to compile a menu suitably varied and reflective of The Miller’s house style.

Miller morsels

There will be mouthfuls and morsels, savoury bites, sweet treats, flavours and textures to test your palate, and tastes that’ll hopefully convert your opinion on the odd ingredient too. And there will always be Miller bread.

Add in a wine flight

Food and wine matching doesn’t have to be high brow either. Let Mary guide you through your dining experience starting with champagne followed by four more personally chosen wines to suit the courses of the daily changing menu.

The modern inn

Because we’re more than a pub-restaurant-with-rooms, Nick’s signature menu truly reinforces our food ethos that food is to be savoured. It’s also about spontaneity – what dishes best suit the day, the weather, and so on.

Signature menus at the modern inn

See a sample signature menu

Nick’s signature menu is £65pp

A wine flight is £35pp

“Their signature menu of nine tiny, instagrammable dishes – each one paired to perfection by the attentive sommelier team was more than enough to sate our river-sharpened appetites.”

Delicious Magazine, July 2017