Sample Menus

Have a mooch through our sample menus to get a feel for how we describe our dishes and a flavour of our creativity. As these are sample menus only, they may not exactly reflect what’s on the menu today, tomorrow, or yesterday. We do update our sample menus regularly, but not every day nor every week. Please use these to get the vibe for the level of cooking our kitchen team produces, a hint of the technical processes at play and definitely don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the descriptions! 

Have a mooch through our sample menus to get  a feel for how we describe our dishes and a flavour of our creativity. Despite Nick learning his trade in France, you won’t find any French terminology in our menus. You might refer to our surprise course interludes as something like an amuse bouche. We won’t, but we’re certain you’ll appreciate it’s just The Miller way. The sweet treats you might nibble on with your coffee are just sweet treats to us, but some would refer to them as petit fours.

Neither will you find any fluffy descriptions on our sample menus, we like to leave a little to the imagination. Our menus focus on the core dish ingredients, the main flavours, because that’s at the heart of every dish we create. Savouring flavours and the freshest of ingredients is what we want to harness in our cooking. We want to return the treat and experience element to eating out for our guests. We’re a warm and welcoming inn serving fine modern British food. We might not be a pub, nor a gastropub, but we firmly believe in providing an informal and unpretentious place to eat.

We update our sample menus at regular intervals to reflect seasonal changes in our menus. So please only use these as a guide as to the kind of food we create at The Miller.

Allergy and dietary requirements are very important to us. We want our guests to be able to savour The Miller experience despite any allergies. Please do let us know of your requirements at the time of booking – it let’s us think ahead to deliver the best dining experience we can for all our guests.