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Restaurant of the Year               Foodies Favourite 2021 Top 50 Gastropubs

Foodies Favourite, Top 50 Gastropubs 2021

The Good Food Guide Readers’ Restaurant of the Year 2016

Food is at the heart of the Miller experience. Nick’s food ethos is two fold: eat fine food without formality and think of food as more than just fuel. Savour each dish; enjoy and explore each flavour. Nick and his highly skilled team select seasonal ingredients from British suppliers to craft dishes that show off the produce to excite your eyes and woo your palate. Whether dining in the bar, restaurant or courtyard, tuck into a menu that offers nibbles alongside a la carte dishes, at lunch and at dinner. Alternatively, take Nick’s signature tasting menu for a deep dive into his culinary creativity.

PLEASE NOTE: while we are limited to al fresco dining only, we will be serving a reduced, light bites menu – same approach, style and quality of ingredients but not our usual a la carte experience, which will return once we’re at full capacity again from 17 May. Our sample menus are currently linked to on our homepage.

Foodies Favourite Award – in March 2021, The Miller was awarded the inaugural Foodies Favourite accolade from Estrella’s Top 50 Gastropubs. The award was voted for by British diners nationwide rather than critics and judges, and for that we are truly humbled. It’s you we feed and serve every day, and it’s your opinions and praise that we listen to most, so thank you!

The Good Food Guide Readers’ Restaurant of the Year – this is an award you can only win once and we achieved it early in our time at The Miller. It has kept us focused and ensured a steady stream of repeat visitors, those who had voted for us on this occasion and others who have found us as a result of the accolade. 


Savour. Don’t Devour.

Nibble on home-cured duck loin and freshly baked onion bread drenched in beef dripping. Wind your way through Nick’s signature 9 course menu, one amuse bouche at a time. Tantalise your taste buds if you opt for a la carte or linger over a restaurant lunch that satisfies your palate like never before.

Eat. Credentials Worth Shouting About.

Nick has worked in some of the country’s most renowned restaurants. He takes influence in method and skill from chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and the Roux Scholar, Matthew Tomkinson. Nick says: “I believe in cooking through the seasons but not playing with food, rather taking each ingredient and extracting as much from it as possible to create something that tastes amazing and stirs interest.”

The Story Behind Our Food.

The Miller is proud of its award winning food and the Miller kitchen team that produces it. Want to have a look around and meet our chefs? Just ask. Food is a talking point, it brings people together meal after meal, so come and see what’s behind the restaurant and what we’re doing in our kitchen.

“This one is for serious foodies.”

The Times

Got a dietary requirement?

We’re on it. We endeavour to accommodate dietary requirements of our dining guests. But if there’s something in particular that you require please let me know in advance to give us the utmost opportunity to provide it.

Explore our sample menus

Want to book a large group in for dinner?

After all we’ve said about food, it would be barmy of us to try to accommodate too many large tables during service. The impact of delivering so many dishes at once has a significant knock on effect on the flow of the kitchen. Ultimately, that means that other tables have to wait longer than we’d like for their food, which isn’t part of The Miller experience.

As such, and we hope you’ll understand, there are some restrictions on the table sizes we can cater for.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, the maximum tables size is 8
At other times we ask that tables of 9+ pre-order
We can only seat tables of 9+ at 6.30pm or 8.30pm
A discretionary service charge will be added to tables of 7+

For really large tables, it might make more sense to consider a private function. That way, you get our dedicated attention and we can focus solely on you and your meal.