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Category: Nick’s kitchen

Nick’s kitchen: kale quick-fire Q&A


Kale, it is a superfood or just an alternative to cabbage? Another green vegetable that the kids turn their noses up at? Or a varied green that can be sweet and sometimes bitter? Whether you like or loathe kale, or haven’t yet given it any plate time, we pinned Nick down for his top tips and […]

Nick’s kitchen: mackerel – 3 favourite ways

grilled mackerel

Mackerel sits beautifully in the group of oily fish we’re encouraged to eat on a weekly basis to boost our omega intake and keep our brain cells ticking nicely. You’ll find it fresh on the fish counter, smoked in the supermarket refrigerators and squished into tins perfect for a quick snack on toast. A cheap fish […]

Nick’s kitchen: forced Rhubarb

forced rhubarb

Rhubarb, rhubarb. It’s not rubbish at all, in fact rather tasty when handled well. Here, Nick tells us more about forced rhubarb, what it is and how to work with it to create scrumptious desserts and perfectly balanced savoury accompaniments. What is forced rhubarb? Forced rhubarb is rhubarb that has been grown indoors, without sunlight. […]

How to tart up your tart tatin

tart tatin

Tart tatin appears on menus across the country and hails originally from France, but it baffles some diners. Here, Nick gives us his insider know-how and reveals some of the secrets for making a storming apple pie, French style. What is a tart tatin? It’s a classic French fruit and pastry tart. It’s typically made […]

We’re hiring: chef de partie / demi chef de partie

chef de partie to join the team

  The Miller of Mansfield is on the hunt for a new kitchen team member in the form of an experienced chef de partie or demi chef de partie. Perhaps you’re a kitchen manager looking for a new challenge, a demi chef de partie looking to climb the kitchen ladder, or a chef de partie […]

Nick’s kitchen: celeriac

In seasonal terms, the ‘c’ word doesn’t just cover Christmas. In our line of business, it also covers celeriac. In chef circles it’s everywhere at this time of year – it featured in a lot of the savoury chef demonstrations at the Didcot Food Festival recently. Yet it’s perhaps one of the most under loved root […]

Nick’s kitchen: the rise of sourdough bread

We couldn’t resist the bread pun in the title, sorry! Sourdough bread has been our 2016 baking adventure. That rather bland yet bubbly looking photo is something we’re actually rather proud of! There has been much noise and some hype about the more positive digestion benefits of longer-fermented doughs like sourdough. So we thought it […]

Nick’s kitchen: freshly baked bread

Sack of freshly baked bread

Is that sandwich you’re eating made from freshly baked bread or factory-farmed sliced? Did you know that Britons eat around 30m loaves of mass produced sliced bread every year. It’s no secret, but it’s not necessarily widely appreciated what mass produced means in terms of the ingredients used. When the production of bread was mechanised after […]

Nick’s kitchen: summer’s in full swing

It’s a funny time of year. Sometimes the sun shines; sometimes it doesn’t. But also on the foodie front. Everything you could quite easily grow in your garden is in full flow right now and we’re using as much of every one of those ingredients across our July and August menus. The raw ingredients we’ve […]

Nick’s kitchen: cold cucumber

Cold cucumber soup

Cold soup conjures thoughts of Gazpacho on Spanish menus, what’s spurred you to add this dish to the menu? Actually a discussion with Mary about gin and cucumber. Naturally, at this time of year I’m looking for inspiration and attempting to make something refreshing. I like cold soup but we also didn’t want to call […]

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