Mary sabrage September 2017In a flash of eccentricity, we’re delighted to announce that The Miller of Mansfield is now a Caveaux de Sabrage. As a member of the Confrerie du Sabre d’Or, we are one of a growing number of caveaux dedicated to the the protection and promotion of the art of sabrage (the opening of champagne with a French cavalry sabre).

In case you didn’t know, Mary and Nick met in France and have a mutual penchant for Champagne – the liquid one. Earlier this year, Mary was initiated into the Confrerie du Sabre d’Or when she was taught how to open a bottle of champagne with a sword.

In case you missed the ouverture de caveau back in September – take a closer look at some of the photographs here! At this event, Matt, Amy and Nick were all make Novice Sabrages while Mary is now a master who can help novices sabrage. Mary even has a sword or two to prove it! We were joined by Geri from RCL Champagne, one of Mary’s favourites and a stalwart on the wine list, and naturally we sabraged their rose champagne to drink with dessert during the evening.

Matt sabrage September 2017To celebrate our membership of this fabulously fun and eccentric society, we’re offering sabrage to guests joining us for New Year’s Eve. We need to open champagne anyway, so let’s do it the fun way. Those who become Novice Sabrage on the night will take away a certificate as well as the cork and its glass annulus as a treasured memory.

This spectacle, is quite something and makes for a fascinating activity for corporate or celebratory events where you’d like to drink quite a bit of champagne. To enquire about a private Champagne Sabrage at The Miller, please contact Mary.

Sabrage dinner ouverture de caveau September 2017