As a Christmas gift to our bar team, we presented a subscription to the Craft Gin Club. So every month, through the post, the team receives a new gin. It’s not any ordinary gin though – it’s a craft gin that you’re unlikely to have come across elsewhere (unless you happen to frequent your local gin bar regularly). With the craft gin come tipples and treats to complement the gin as well as a copy of Ginned magazine.

Join us on our year of gin as we guide you through the calendar with a new gin every month. For the gins that you like the best and get ordered the most, we’ll restock and find a place for the favourite gin cocktails on our cocktail list.

So you know the drill – let us know what you think and chin, chin!

Kalevala craft gin cocktail with edible flowersFebruary’s craft gin

Kalevala is a craft gin distilled in North Karelia, Finland. It’s heaving with juniper and if you’re native to Finland it’s recommended that you serve it with sea buckthorn berries. Apparently for us Brits, cranberries will do!

The Kalevala arrived with a wee dram of Violette liqueur. Luridly lavender in colour, it made for a fascinating gin cocktail that’s prettied by the addition of edible petals.


Glendalough craft gin for January gin of the monthJanuary in the year of gin

We kick start gin-uary and our subscription to the Craft Gin Club with Glendalough gin’s brand new creation: wild botanical gin. Designed to capture the spirit of Wicklow and to bring a year-round gin to their collection of previously season-specific gins.

Using botanicals foraged from County Wicklow can you get a sense of the natural year in one sip? The coolness of spring, fresh summer flowers, autumn fruits and winter spices ramble across your palate – ready for a hike through the wilds of Irish gin?