Bottega Gold prosecco - December wine of the monthParty season is upon us, so what better way to celebrate than with some gold standard fizz. Bottega Gold is one seriously classy prosecco – perfect for that party aperitif. What’s more, it comes in these spectacular gold glass bottles and is served in this beautiful flutes!

Bottega Gold

This prosecco is special from root to sip. Made from Glera grapes that are only grown in the Valdobbiadene hills of Treviso, Veneto in Italy. These hills and their cool climate are the home of the very best proseccos.

For Bottega Gold, the Glera grapes are hand picked and then gently pressed before being fermented for just shy of 40 days. Almost unique to the production of prosecco, it only goes through one fermentation process. That’s apparently pretty tricky to achieve, which when it’s successful results in the finest quality sparkling wines.

The scent of gold

The real charm of this prosseco is the fruity characteristics it squeezes in to its extra dryness. Can you sense the crisp apple and pear and the scent of delicate flowers like acacia and lily of the valley?

What’s in a wine label?

In this case that could apply to how you feel about the gold wrap as well as what is says on it. Despite the sparkling wine being produced from solely DOCG quality grapes, there is a law in Italy that prevents that classification from being used with the gold packaging! So, if you’re looking for that top quality label, don’t be put off when you only see DOC Treviso – now you know the real story.

The story of the gold also appeals to us in the sense of Bottega Gold being a product of a family business, the owner of which has another business producing decorative glass. Each bottle of prosecco is painted gold.

We’re giving you the gift of gold this Christmas and we hope this bling of bubbles will surprise and delight!