Borsao Seleccion TintoWhen we talk about “Mary’s storytelling wines”, the Borsao Seleccion Tinto is the perfect example. Of course, the wines don’t tell stories – if they did, it could put Julia Donaldson out of a job! Yet there’s a story behind each wine Mary chooses for the wine list at The Miller.

Mary loves Borsao Seleccion Tinto

She’s a sucker for its dry, velvety fruitiness. She’s less a fan of the label design. In fact, she even took the wine off the list for a while because she didn’t like the look of the bottle enough. So wine labels are influential even for the trained palate (Mary is WSET qualified).

You could say she’s come to her senses. In all the wine tasting that Mary and Matt, our bar manager, have been doing in preparation for the new wine list, she couldn’t resist the Borsao. So it’s back on the list!

Garnacha grapes

Borsao is made from 70% Garnacha, 20% Syrah and 10% Tempranillo. All these grapes are fermented separately before being blended. The glory of the Garnacha grape is thanks to the extreme climate in which it grows. Grown in the foothills of the Moncayo mountain, it thrives through warm days and cool nights. These conditions are ripe (sorry!) for retaining a certain acidity and actually encourages the ripening process.

That acidity feeds the dryness of this wine. It has the power of its north western neighbour, Rioja, but cuts across the palate much more dryly. This makes it particularly good to drink with food. It’s a natural accompaniment for meat and can cope with spice surprisingly well.

Award winning wine

Mary’s not the only fan. It has won a Decanter World Wine Award and Sommelier Wine Awards. In fact, independent wine aficionado Robert Parker gave it high praise and was amazed at the value for money for the quality of the wine.

During November, wine not try a glass and let Mary know what you think. It’s just £3.90 for a small glass.