Family friendly restaurantThat’ll be us. Yes, really we’re a family friendly restaurant.

In case it’s passed you by, Nick and I have two boys of our own. One’s technically what you’d call an ankle biter, although he’s big enough to sit in a normal chair.

But when it comes to eating out with and feeding kids, we get it. In fact, we firmly believe that parents should eat out with their kids at every opportunity (except for date night, obviously!). Eating out is a fabulous social skill to ingrain at an early age. Plus it opens their eyes to myriad food styles and flavour combinations. It may even help combat notions of fussing eating (maybe).

Our family friendly restaurant

But fear not, we don’t expect kids to eat the refined servings from Nick’s kitchen. We have created a children’s menu that combines the freshest and highest quality seasonal ingredients in a format most kids will recognise and inhale. The menu also changes regularly in accordance with our seasonality ethos.

So you may well find sausage and chips, but the sausages will contain as much meat as we can best source and come from somewhere within a 20 mile radius. The chips are are renowned triple cooked chips and we’ll provide our homemade ketchup if required. You won’t find fish fingers on our children’s menu, but we’ll endeavour to include a fish dish and probably freshly make fish goujons to order, because that’s the way we work.

We’re not about preaching healthy food, just the freshest and best quality food. And we understand that kids sometimes need that presented in a way that’s most palatable for them. Given the fine food at the core of our kitchen’s efforts, we don’t stock baked beans and we don’t have any gravy granules to hand. But we do hope you’ll appreciate the quality of our children’s menu offering and give us appropriate feedback based on your experience.

Relax with all your family

Reinforcing our ethos of providing a warm welcome and encouraging you to choose where you sit when you dine with us, we might serve fine food but we’re definitely not a stuffy venue. If you’ve been into our revamped courtyard garden this year, you might even have spotted the children’s garden furniture we’ve added.

So if you didn’t know that The Miller is a family friendly restaurant, now you do. Our kids menu is available during lunch and dinner service, Monday to Sunday (excluding Sunday evenings when only the Supper Club menu is available).

Next time you’re passing with the kids in tow, give us a try. Our children’s menu main courses are £7.50 and a selection of starters and desserts are also provided.