It’s a funny time of year. Sometimes the sun shines; sometimes it doesn’t. But also on the foodie front. Everything you could quite easily grow in your garden is in full flow right now and we’re using as much of every one of those ingredients across our July and August menus.

The raw ingredients we’ve been working with in the kitchen won’t change much now until after summer has signed off, but the dishes will take you on a walking tour of their best bits over those weeks.

English strawberries and raspberries are in full bloom and if you don’t pick them once they’re ripe they’ll heat-dry on the stem (or the bugs will have them for supper instead). You’ll also come across your fair share of peas, beans and lettuces.

It’s time to say goodbye to asparagus – it’s unlikely to be English if you’re buying it in the shops still. We’ve replaced our asparagus starter with seasonal beetroots served with three different types of horseradish (candy, Cheltenham and golden), elderflower jelly, buffalo mozzarella and hazelnuts (always optional if you tell us you have an allergy).

And it’s arrivederci to rhubarb, the longstanding fruit of early summer is done. Taking its place on the dessert menu is our not-so-simple take on peaches and cream using white peaches, plums, lemon thyme and honey.

Our summer selection of fruit and veg will be with us throughout the school summer holidays and we’ll adapt dishes as and when each ingredients bows out. Until then, come and enjoy a summer supper with us and savour the best of this season’s ingredients on our a la carte menu (kids menu available too).