Cable Rose 2015Our wine of the month for July has been chosen by The Miller bar team. They like it so much it’s also going to be our new house rosé.

Stop! Don’t run away. Not all rosés are bad. In fact this is part of our mission to prove that there are some delectable rosé wines available. Be brave; it’s summertime and you need a spot of colour in your wine glass!

Cabalié Rosé 2015 is a deep pink rosé made with Grenache and Syrah grapes to power home plenty of ripe fruit zipped up with a clean, bity freshness. If you’re one for spotting what’s ‘on the nose’ you should find aromas of strawberry, spice and some pepper.

Hot day? This will refresh you and your palate in no time.

As our wine of the month and new to the list, it’s introductory ding on your wallet is a mild £23.00 per bottle. Available by the glass (125ml and 175ml), it’s the perfect summer aperitif!