Mary & Nick were recently nominated by customers to join the Chaine de Rossiteur UK and were delighted to do so.  This is a society that brings together food and wine enthusiasts with common interests.

The Chaîne aims to promote the training, high standards and profile of the next generation of chefs and sommeliers through annual competitions that are held on both a national and international level each year.

A few weekends ago Mary & Nick got inducted  

Chaine 1

Nick being formally inducted

Mary being formally inducted

Chaine 5

In April 2016 The Miller of Mansfield will be hosting their own dinner for the Chaine and members and non-members can join in and watch The Miller get presented with their Chaine Plaque to certify their involvement.

Chaine 6

Chaine 7

Mary and Nick had heir inital outing with the Chaine last week and thoroughly enjoyed hemselves at hosting venue, Forburys’ Resturant.




The food, company, hosting and wines were all excellent and Mary and Nick are aware they have big boots to fill!